To know that to imagine costs nothing and takes you everywhere and to simply live with passion, are the greatest lessons I’ve learned from my parents. To believe in the infinite possibilities of cinema has been nonetheless, the most valuable teaching I’ve got from them.

But it all starts with The Light. This natural phenomenon allows us to exist; it surrounds us and makes us aware of ourselves. It’s the guide of our senses in the perception of reality. It shares its warmth with us. It allows us to move trough space and to travel trough it. And even if the light is the most magnificent of nature’s abilities, we are able to manipulate it, to use it for our benefit and our admiration. It has become the focus of my curiosity, and trough it, I’ve discovered the passion of composing beautiful images trough the manipulation of light and all it’s possibilities.

Cinematography it’s been the tool that allowed me to enjoy and to live that passion. I plan on following my dreams and passions and see where they take me.

A Bachelor’s degree in Communications with a specialization in Audiovisual arts and 7 years of experience as a freelancer have helped me to develop as a filmmaker, director, director of photography, editor and actor. I have worked in several independent projects in film and publicity along with filmmakers of great artistic quality, from whom I’ve learned a lot, and have helped me grow in the filmmaking world, and in life.